Your Guide to Apples and How to Enjoy Them

Across the sweet-tart-crisp-crunchy range, there are so many different types of apples. But what difference does it make, say, between a Gala and a Granny Smith? And what are the best apples to use for applesauce? And with chips? And the other great recipes for fall? Based on their textures, flavors and sizes, here are some favorite varieties and what to do with them. And it certainly matters.


Mildly sweet and juicy, this apple is an ideal addition to a berry oatmeal with a vanilla-like scent. It is kid-friendly because of its thin skin, and it is also ideal for slicing and serving raw.

Danish Crumble Recipe

Granny Smith

Crunchy, tart and juicy, this is the ideal apple with a classic applesauce to pair with. For extra spice, toss in a few cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon.

Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

Red Delicious

The crunchy skin of these apples has a floral fragrance. Best when uncooked and used, like a smoothie or kale salad, in fresh preparations.

Kale Salad with Apple & Walnuts Recipe

Pink Lady

With a juicy flesh and a complex, sweet-tart taste, these pink-red apples are crisp. For a new fall salad, well-suited.

Quick Carrot & Apple Salad Recipe


When baked, jazz apples hold up well, retaining both their sweet flavor and crisp texture. Bake to make baked apples in muffins, cakes and bread, or hollow and stuffed. The Jazz apple, an outstanding desert apple, can be added to pies, galettes and tarts. Their sweet tart taste would also be complimentary to savory preparations.

Caramelized Jazz Apple Cake Recipe


An Envy apple's sweet taste and crunch makes it ideal for fresh out-of-hand eating. The flavor also suits cakes and pies well. Dice Envy apples and blend with chicken or pork stuffed with goat cheese. For chicken salads or a classic Waldorf, add bite-sized bits of Envy apples.

Grilled Chicken & Envy Apple Recipe

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