Your Checklist to Boost Your Wellness this Season

Sunny summer weather is an inspiration for a wellness kick to most of us. Grocery stores are packed with in-season fruits and vegetables, the breezy weather is perfect for morning outdoor run, bike rides, and a relaxing day at the beach. Wellness shouldn't be only about regular exercise and a nutrient-packed diet, but there’s a very important element you might be overlooking: sleep. If you’re on a mission to improve mind, body, or both this summer, getting enough rest is essential.

As the unknown events continue to be a part of our daily life, summer will look a little different this time of the year. But that doesn’t mean you can't find excitement and joy. From having a day at the beach or chilling by the pool to mixing up summer drinks, there are still so many to keep your energy, mood and overall wellness hyped. So if you’re looking for ideas beyond streaming TV shows on the couch for long hours. Have a look at our summer checklist and plan accordingly.

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Always Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin against sun damage. This should be the most essential self-care ritual to follow this summer. Remember to put on sunscreen before taking your sanity walks, lounging in the backyard or splashing around in your inflatable pool.

Get Creative with Summer Drinks

Give yourself a cool, flavorful break in between your summer activities with fruity and refreshing drinks. Break the summer heat with farmbox favorite drinks!

Make Frozen Fruit Pops

There’s no better way to cool down this summer than having a frozen fruit pop treat. Start making homemade frozen pops easily with nearly any fruit like peaches, watermelon, grapes or strawberries. Here is a recipe that’ll bring freshness to you this season: Creamy Coconut Lime Popsicles.

Prepare a Summer Reading List

Nearly everyone has canceled their traveling plans this year. Reading will help you relax because it's an easy way to escape to another world. Consider it a much-needed break from your daily screen time. Maybe you should check out #bookstagram.

Have a Grill Fest

Hot dogs, kebabs or burgers will always be a great idea, but grilled fruit can make for some of the most delicious pairings to entrées like barbecue and kabobs.

Add Supplements to Your Routine

Although summer is a time to mostly relax. Also, it can be time for fitness goals. Incorporating multivitamins, collagen, and more into your post-workout smoothie can be an easy way to help boost your wellness routine.

Plan a picnic

Pack a picnic for an outdoor adventure. Whether a walk in the park or spread out in your backyard, enjoying snacks like crackers, fresh fruit, and cheeses is a great way to add variety to your day and change the scenery.

Stabilize Mood and Emotions

Wellness isn't only about physical health—but mental and emotional health is just as important. Summer should be about relaxing and being happy, so get in the right frame of mind to enjoy and make the best out of it. Getting enough sleep can help complete your wellness goals by regulating your mood. Being tired may make you more emotional than being well-rested.