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22 New Years Resolutions You Won't Fail To Keep in 2022

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Watching New Year's movies or playing a New Year's game. Perhaps you're attending a party or going out for a flashy night on the town. In…

Ahmad Rahman

10 Trendiest Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021

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While some people start shopping as soon as the chill of winter is in the air, most of us rush to the mall on Christmas Eve…


5 Easy & Delicious Recipes to Try This Winter

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When the temperatures drop, we all crave comfort food. These healthy winter recipes will satisfy your winter food cravings. Get the most out of the season's…


5 Super-Foods Kids Must Eat This Season

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Winter is almost upon us. It means comfy blankets, warm clothes, sleepy heads, and a good bowl of soup. This year, more than ever, we want…


Get Energized With These Quick And Healthy Recipes

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Ever skipped a meal because you were running late for something? It’s a fast-moving world we live in. With time seemingly racing faster than light…


Top 6 Surprising Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

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Teeth are the hardest part of our body that protects us from many dangers, but it's important to keep them healthy, which is why you should…


Top 4 Health Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

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Have you ever considered switching to a gluten-free diet? We're sure you've heard about a variety of diets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Candida, keto, etc.) Gluten-free foods have…

Ahmad Rahman

Top 6 Eating Ways to Power Up Your Metabolism

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Through mini-meals, you can satisfy your hunger, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and provide your body with all the essential nutrients all day long. Having frequent, smaller meals can provide a number of benefits.…

Vyshnavi A Nair

Vegan Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks

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This is an incredible plant-based meal that is hearty and delicious in just 30 minutes. Due to their meaty texture and rich umami flavour, mushrooms are popular among vegans and meat lovers alike.…

Vyshnavi A Nair

Beat the Heat with Refreshing Gazpacho Soup & Cucumber Salad

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This gazpacho cold soup is a vegetable-based uncooked blended soup that was originated in the southern regions of the Iberian Peninsula and the trend spread to other areas. Gazpacho is widely consumed in Spain and Portugal, especially during hot summer since its is cold and appetizing.…

Vyshnavi A Nair