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10 Trendiest Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021

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While some people start shopping as soon as the chill of winter is in the air, most of us rush to the mall on Christmas Eve…


5 Easy & Delicious Recipes to Try This Winter

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When the temperatures drop, we all crave comfort food. These healthy winter recipes will satisfy your winter food cravings. Get the most out of the season's…


5 Super-Foods Kids Must Eat This Season

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Winter is almost upon us. It means comfy blankets, warm clothes, sleepy heads, and a good bowl of soup. This year, more than ever, we want…


Top 6 Eating Ways to Power Up Your Metabolism

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Through mini-meals, you can satisfy your hunger, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and provide your body with all the essential nutrients all day long. Having frequent, smaller meals can provide a number of benefits.…

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Vegan Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks

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This is an incredible plant-based meal that is hearty and delicious in just 30 minutes. Due to their meaty texture and rich umami flavour, mushrooms are popular among vegans and meat lovers alike.…

Vyshnavi A Nair

No-Bake 5 Ingredients Peanut Butter Protein Balls

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This no bake 5 ingredient peanut butter protein balls are packed with oats, peanut butter and flax seeds.…

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