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The Perfect Cherry Clafoutis Recipe

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Beautiful cherries are cooked in kirsh and sugar until buttery and syrupy, then topped with a fluffy, creamy batter before baking. Cherry clafoutis is a dessert…

Ahmad Rahman

Our Favourite Veggies to Grill This Summer

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Grilling vegetables doesn't have to be limited to the same old zucchinis and bell peppers. We're here to inspire you with the six best vegetables for…

Ahmad Rahman

Make Luqaimat This Eid, An Emirati Sweet Delicacy

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The Luqaimat recipe, which is a type of arabic sweet dumpling, is a popular meal among Emaratis during Eid and other occasions. This dessert is simple…

Ahmad Rahman

The Perfect Creamy Guacamole Recipe

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This guacamole is silky smooth and creamy, and it's a definite winner. When entertaining guests, it's great as a snack or an entree (who doesn't like…

Ahmad Rahman

8 Crazy Uses For Carrots

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Carrots may appear on the list of boring vegetables (if such a list exists!), but their color, texture, and flavor make them highly adaptable in the…

Ahmad Rahman

Get Energized With These Quick And Healthy Recipes

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Ever skipped a meal because you were running late for something? It’s a fast-moving world we live in. With time seemingly racing faster than light…


Vegan Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks

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This is an incredible plant-based meal that is hearty and delicious in just 30 minutes. Due to their meaty texture and rich umami flavour, mushrooms are popular among vegans and meat lovers alike.…

Vyshnavi A Nair