Top 6 Surprising Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Teeth are the hardest part of our body that protects us from many dangers, but it's important to keep them healthy, which is why you should think about what foods are good for your teeth.
We all know the secret to healthy teeth: brush regularly, floss regularly, and keep sugars to a minimum. However, the food you eat can also play a part in maintaining a healthy mouth and, while no food will ever replace the need to brush, some are surprisingly healthy for your teeth.

The best thing you can do is protect them by doing things like not eating too hard and chewing well. Nuts and strawberries help your teeth be strong and dairy products contain calcium which helps to prevent tooth decay. If you want to learn more about how to care for your teeth, keep reading the following article because we're going to give you some advice that will help you improve the look of your smile!

No More Worries With Strawberries

The latest research shows that strawberries have a positive effect on dental health since they help clean plaque off our teeth and remove bacteria and also improve the health of our gums. Nuts that we can use to take care of our teeth are almonds and hazelnuts because they're very high in calcium and magnesium which helps with oral hygiene.

Keep Teeth Healthy, Go Nutty!

If you want to remove plaque from between your teeth, you can use cashews to protect yourself against tooth decay because it has more calcium than other nuts which is why it's so good for us. Cashews soften your teeth and make your gums healthy as well. Nuts are great to eat but you should try to avoid snacking on them if you don't want your teeth damaged by the high-fat content of nuts.

Almonds are recommended for people who have a dry mouth since they moisten your mouth, but if you don't have this problem, you should eat them to protect your dental health by having a lot of calcium that will help strengthen your teeth. Nuts are rich in fibers which will keep our system healthy.

Cavities? Papaya’s Gotcha!

When you eat papaya, the enzymes in it help to reduce cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, papayas are a great food because they're rich in vitamins A & C which helps you fight gum disease and inflammation of the gums. Studies have shown that papayas also prevent plaque formation by reducing bacteria in our mouth.

Fight Tooth Decays With Green Leafy Veggie Munchies

If you don't want to get cavities, leafy greens such as kale, mint, spinach, celery, & broccoli are good for us since spinach can lower tooth decay because it has anti-inflammatory properties. The oxalic acid reduces the presence of bacteria on our teeth and keeps our gums healthy too. Spinach can block plaque production so if you feel like your teeth need some extra protection.

Yogurt Makes Your Teeth Strong – Yo-gur-it!

Yogurt is a food that you should eat if you want your teeth to be stronger and less sensitive. Yogurt helps remove plaque from between our teeth and restores the minerals lost during brushing which is why it's good for us. It's a bit difficult to keep your teeth strong since they can get damaged by eating too hard or even simply aging, but there are things we can do to protect them!

Extra Supplement: Take The Oath To Eat Your Oats!

Oatmeal is rich in essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium & calcium which will help improve dental health because of the minerals present in oatmeal. If you don't know what else to eat or drink instead of soda or sugary beverages, then try drinking water that has been infused with strawberries because it helps prevent cavities from.

Eating your way to a better smile—what can be easier than that? We need healthy teeth and gums to eat nutritious foods. And we need to eat nutritious foods for healthy teeth. So, get your oral hygiene on! Shop for the freshest, organic & locally grown essentials your teeth require at Farmbox to achieve that sparkling smile all the time!