Shaping the Future of Farming in the UAE - PURE HARVEST SMART FARMS

Fifty years ago farming tomatoes in the desert might have sounded like a crazy idea. With modern technology, an unwavering vision and the UAE’s knack for making something incredible from the seemingly impossible, today Pure Harvest are doing just that. And they’re doing it with incredibly tasty results too!

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A young company founded in 2016 by Sky Kurtz, Hamoud Adi and  Robert Kupstas, Pure Harvest Smart Farms is pioneering one of the first hydroponic farms in the Middle East, growing a premium range of tomatoes in a sensor-filled greenhouse outside Abu Dhabi.

Pure Harvest’s greenhouse controls the temperature and humidity levels within the greenhouse through software and hardware that measures the well being and growth of each plant and adjusts the climate management system accordingly to ensure top quality produce is growth with maximum water efficiency and minimum wastage.

Certain that controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the future to achieve food security in arid climates; Pure Harvest’s agri-tech method is over 30 times more water-efficient than traditional farming, 7 times more efficient than traditional UAE greenhouses, and produces around 20 times more food per area. Plus Pure Harvest are able to grow tomatoes year-round (including the harshest summer months) and 83% of the water used on the farm leaves the farm in their tomatoes! An added benefit? This increased efficiency makes their produce cheaper for our customers than imported tomatoes, and better for the environment too.

Today Pure Harvest focuses on growing tomatoes, which are grown not in soil, but in a coconut shaving solution without the need for fertilisers and pesticides. Promoting their produce as cleaner than organic, we can’t deny our Pure Harvest tomatoes are among the best we’ve tried, and we love that they are locally produced here in the UAE.

Using state of the art smart technology to tackle the region’s harsh climate, Pure Harvest prioritise quality of their produce, using advanced on-site water treatment facilities and immediately cooling and packaging freshly picked tomatoes to extend their shelf life naturally for your enjoyment.

Slowly diversifying their range as they truly embrace the capabilities of their tech, Pure Harvest grow the most delicious cherry tomatoes, tomatoes on the vine, plum tomatoes, beef tomatoes, and have started dabbling in pink tomatoes too! Watch this space, Pure Harvest plan on expanding their offering even more this year with their minds set on berries and lettuces as their new crops of choice.