Geap Farms: Helping the Planet Through Hydroponic Farming in Dubai

Farming in the UAE is expanding extensively with the introduction of new agricultural technologies. Farms are introducing new ways to bring top quality products to the market while maintaining a healthy relationship with the environment. Just the same, Geap Farms is an example of one of the highly successful farms in the UAE that are committed to using hydroponics technology to grow fresh leafy greens and herbs.

Geap Farms, a hydroponics, vertical farm based in Dubai

What is Hydroponic Farming?

Hydroponics is a high-tech method of growing plants in vertical farms, requiring no soil. Instead, this growing technology relies on 90% less water compared to traditional farming. The most beneficial thing about hydroponics is reusing and recycling the used water. Successively, hydroponic systems can help drive down water consumption, and that helps both the environment and our back pocket by reducing cost. "Geap Farms grow locally, therefore the carbon footprint is minimal. We're proud to provide UAE residents all year long with the freshest & healthiest produce." Nikita says, Geap Farms CFO.

Geap Farms CFO, Nikita Patel

Freshest Produce All Year Round

This new venture based in Dubai is proudly female-founded and managed, which gives us an empowering statement that women can get into every field and be fully committed to reaching success. Even though Geap Farms are located in the harsh climate of a desert area, their vertical farms using hydroponic technology allows them to grow fresh produce all year round. The farm grows a wide variety of fresh produce that is pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and non-GMO. Their environment-oriented vision allowed them to find the right technology to farm in the UAE, reducing their carbon footprint, and providing fresh produce instantly to the community. Their hard efforts are in line with the vision of the UAE in becoming self-sufficient in the field of agriculture and food production to support the country's food security efforts.

Geap Farms supply farmbox with a wide variety of leafy greens & herbs under the brand Oasis Greens

Geap Farms Forward Looking

The UAE imports up to 90% of its fresh produce. Therefore, Geap Farms aim to promote the agricultural ecosystem in the UAE while educating consumers about farming sustainability and encouraging them to buy locally produced food. Locally grown food supports the economy, provides golden health benefits, and helps to lessen environmental impact. Additionally, growing locally brings the community together and gives people the opportunity to make a difference and reduce food mileage.