Mushrooms: Health Benefits and Uses

Mushrooms are gaining more popularity by the day and they are worth the hype. It is said that Pharaohs loved mushrooms so much that they declared fungi royalty food and kept the whole supply for themselves and no commoner can touch them. Thankfully, we now have enough supply to provide us all with mushrooms of all types and don't have to deal with selfish rulers.

If you ever noticed, mushrooms are always part of majestic forests in movies, rightfully so, as the different types of mushrooms make an amazing collection of shapes, sizes, flavors and, even colors, making them seem like they are out of this world.

Seasoned and fried mushroom side dish

How To Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms are quite versatile. They can be prepared in many ways and paired with tons of ingredients and dishes. You can slice them up raw and toss them on a salad, stuff them and put them on the grill, season them and sauté them, or you can roast them. Which dishes do mushrooms go well with? an endless list. They can be added to soups or even made into creamy mushroom soup, chop up some into a sandwich or a wrap, stir fry and noodles, or just have them as a side dish. Portobello Mushrooms are quite big and have a meaty texture, which makes a great substitute for red meat in vegetarian dishes, served as a mushroom burger or steak.

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom


Mushrooms are filled with antioxidants that help protect the body against damage from aging, boosting your immune system. Wild Porcini mushrooms have the highest amount of antioxidants in comparison to other types

They are also rich in Beta glucan, a form of dietary fiber that is strongly linked to boosting heart health and improving cholesterol. This helps the body regulate blood sugar, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Furthermore, mushrooms are one of the few food sources of vitamin D, a vitamin that our body makes through exposure to sunlight. Due to growers exposing mushroom; particularly button mushrooms, to small amounts of ultraviolet light making them rich in vitamin D; this vitamin is important as it converts food into body fuel, giving us energy. It also helps our bodies absorb calcium and promotes bone growth.

Mushroom Soup

Cleaning Mushrooms

Think of mushrooms as a sponge. Due to their texture, they absorb liquid, which is why they are best cleaned with minimum water. Wipe the caps and stems of mushroom with a damp towel, or brush of any dirt using a special mushroom cleaning brush.

Cleaning mushroom with a brush

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