How to Store Tomatoes Right?

Whether you've just bought cherry tomatoes, unripe tomatoes, or fresh tomatoes at the grocery store, it's crucial to know how to store tomatoes and understand the tomato ripening process. There's a lot of debate about ethylene gas, paper bags vs. plastic bags, and how to stop tomatoes from ripening—but, according to common opinion, the answer isn't always to refrigerate them. Continue reading to find out why.

If you want to enrage a room full of tomato fans, announce that you've put them in the fridge and watch the invective fly. After all, isn't it true that storing tomatoes in the refrigerator is a no-no?

Simply said, ripening is slowed (and occasionally reversed) by the fridge, whereas ripening is accelerated by a room-temperature (or hotter) countertop. As a result, the optimal technique to store tomatoes is determined by their ripeness. No of how hard or squishy your tomatoes are, here's how to keep them:

Under ripe tomatoes

If your tomato isn't quite ripe yet, you can put it out on the counter to ripen for a few days. It will also taste better!

Ripe tomatoes are sensitive to chilling at temperatures below about 55oF and suffer damage to their membranes that results in minimal flavor development, blotchy coloration, and a soft, mealy texture when they're brought back to room temperature when they're brought back to room temperature." That is something that no one desires.

Ripe tomatoes

Ripe tomatoes should be refrigerated at 55°F. They will remain in stasis at that temperature, not maturing or being injured by the cold.

Unfortunately, most refrigerators are set to a temperature of 35°F to 38°F. That's a full 20 degrees cooler than a ripe tomato's ideal temperature. Room temperature, on the other hand, is usually approximately 70°F, which is significantly higher than the 55°F that your tomato prefers.

Over-ripe tomatoes

You don't want to leave a squishy tomato on a heated countertop for too long. If your tomato is a bit too ripe, storing it in the fridge will stop the ripening process in its tracks, avoiding mold problems. And, according to Serious Eats, the flavor will not be harmed by the cold.

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