Healthy Snacks! Replace those guilty pleasures with good pleasures...

Healthy snacks - yes they exist! We all get hungry between meals sometimes, but how we choose to bridge that gaping hole in our tummy until the next meal can make a huge difference to our health, energy levels and calorie intake - no matter how small the portions may seem.

Think about the snack section at a convenience store, and the way it’s packed with sugary sweets, chocolates, chips, biscuits and energy bars - many of which are also packed with sugar, as healthy a they might appear. These are the foods we automatically think about when we think of snacking - something quick, easy and delicious. But these tasty treats are also generally packed with added sugars and artifical flavourants, colourants and preservatives - not to mention empty calories!

Changing our mindset towards snacking is easier than it seems, and simply requires us to pay more attention to what we reach for when we are feeling peckish. Accepting and preparing for that late afternoon hunger pang will also ensure you eat snacks you’re happy to eat, and not just whatever is available nearby.

Make snacking work for you and use your snacktime as an opportunity to give your body a mood, vitamin and energy boost without filling up on junk food!

Here are our suggestions…

Swap chips for nuts

Chips are generally high in carbs, in calories, oil and salt, and highly processed too. It you’re craving something salty, we suggest roasted Almonds. Sorted by hand by in Kabul, Ziba Shakhurbai roasted almonds are higher in protein than traditional almonds and are packed with antioxidants, nutrients, Vitamin E, and Magnesium.

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Swap sweets for dried fruit

Got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying? Instead of turning to chocolates or candy, reach for dried fruit - but be careful to read the label! Ziba sundried figs, sweet baby apricot kernels and Dried white kush mulberries are superfoods perfect for snacking. Packed with nutrients without the added sugars, keep some in stock for guilt-free snacking.

Get your healthy dried super-fruits from Ziba for a healthy sweet tooth fix!

Swap energy bars for fresh fruit

Need an energy boost before a workout? Don’t be fooled by the usual energy bars you find in ter supermarkets - they can give the illusion of being healthy but are generally packed with sugars and artificial additives. Get your kicks from bananas, oranges, berries and avocado instead and you’ll also be rewarding your body with a boost of important vitamins and minerals.

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Swap biscuits for NBars

Love a biscuit or five with your coffee? You’re not alone. However, it’s important to bare in mind your favourite biscuits are probably loaded with sugar and oil or butter, so they should be eaten in moderation. For a healthy alternative, we can’t recommend NBars enough! We love these 100% natural snack bars, crafted with love in the UAE. Each variety is made up of an especially tasty combination of nuts, seeds and fruit, with no added sugars, only natural yumminess. They are delicious, healthy and pair fantastically with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee.

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Swap milkshakes for nut milks

We can promise you that Essentially Nut Milks are just as delicious as your favourite milkshakes, but make for a much healthier, lighter choice. Dairy free and packed with plant protein from nuts, these naturally flavoured, cold-pressed drinks are high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Our favourites? We suggest you try the Pistachio Rose or Vanilla Cashew flavours for delicious refreshment with a whole lot of goodness.

Swap cooldrink for cold pressed juices

We grew up drinking fizzy cooldrinks and many of us continue to do so! Refreshing and sweet - but not exactly good for us. Bad for the teeth, bad for the waistline, these sugary carbonated drinks are addictive and contain no essential nutrients.

So why not give them up and revitalise your body and mind with a beverage that will actually positively impact your health - like a cold pressed juice.

Juices that are cold pressed have all the fruit and vegetable goodness pressed out of them through great pressure,  so they are generally packed with much more vitamins and minerals than a juice you can make at home with a blender.

Essentially cold pressed juices are great for increasing your daily fruit and veg intake, and each have different benefits, from a pre-workout boost or digestion aid to  anti-inflammatory benefits.

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