Our Favourite Veggies to Grill This Summer

Grilling vegetables doesn't have to be limited to the same old zucchinis and bell peppers. We're here to inspire you with the six best vegetables for grilling. So grab your trusty tongs and a cold beverage. Grill lines should be drawn on everything in your crisper drawer.


Cauliflower is frequently overlooked or plays second fiddle to its more charismatic and colorful brassica family cousins. We love cauliflower and recipes like this one that show off its versatility and complexity. When grilled properly, you'll be surprised at how sweet and nuanced this humble vegetable is!


Grilled eggplant has a reputation for being bitter or difficult to cook, but when combined with the right ingredients, it absorbs surrounding flavors into its incredibly rich and meaty texture. The glossy round vegetable is grilled or roasted with lemon, paprika, and sea salt in this recipe, and paired with tahini in a baba ghanoush-like dish that's perfect for an easy dinner or family BBQ.


We know that salad isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of grilling, but trust us when we say that the smoky and savory flavor of grilled romaine is a thing of beauty. We love how the charred lettuce complements the tangy, herbaceous dressing.


Grilled cucumber is tender, juicy, and delicious in this vegetarian summer salad, which is ideal for cookouts. Fresh mint, feta cheese, and sliced almonds add flavor and texture to the dish. A drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice complete the dish. Grilled cucumber with mint and feta is something you should try!


Carrots have a natural sweetness that grilling brings out. To make the carrots shine even more and take on new flavors, drizzle with a honey and soy sauce glaze. The end result is slightly sweet, slightly savory, and absolutely delectable. Check out this recipe.


Charring tomatoes over an open flame brings out their sweetness and deepens their flavor. These sweet and smoky beauties make an excellent appetizer, side dish, or sauce base. We like to grill ours with a drizzle of honey and a few pinches of salt for an extra flavor boost. Just make a lot of them because they'll disappear quickly once they're cool enough to eat.