Elite Agro, the Future of Sustainable Farming

Elite Agro aspires to write a new green-chapter on the sands of UAE. For many years now, they have engaged in growing and marketing a wide range of agricultural products using only world-class technology that allows them to produce harvests of the highest quality.
The steady increase output of their farms gives Elite Agro the capacity to fulfill the demand for fresh produce all year round and deliver the excellent quality to maintain the health and satisfaction of their customers.

Elite Agro is committed to bringing the freshest and most nutritious produce through innovative farming activities. Elite Agro contributes to farmbox range of local fruit and vegetables. As one of the leading producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables in the region, one of its key objectives in quality, affordability, and reliability.

The Open-Field Farming division, which is responsible for the production of cereals, and the Fruits & Vegetable Farming division, which is responsible for the production, distribution and marketing of several international varieties of fruits and vegetables that are graded, sorted and packaged at in-house facilities.

Food For All

As part of their mission, Elite Agro is duty-bound to work towards achieving 'Food For All! They aspire to undertake the country's journey towards achieving self-reliance and food security. Elite Agro takes pride in underscoring their commitment and hard work towards building itself into a reputed business group in farming and its downstream industries.

Going Beyond

Growing farm-fresh products and reaching them to the public is Elite Agro's duty, but they also aspire to go beyond it and much farther in this noble endeavor. Moreover, Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility in their employees, by creating new benchmarks in quality for agricultural products and perk up the agro activities in the region. Elite Agro is devoted to drawing new lines in the realm of farming and invite fresh and innovative thoughts that can contribute to the overall advancement of the region.

Support Sustainable Sourcing

Elite Agro grows an exceptionally wide variety of fruits and vegetables including strawberries, blueberries, figs, tomatoes, cucumber, avocados, peppers, eggplants as well as a wide range of fresh herbs. As a farmbox customer, you can enjoy Elite Agro's fresh produce, while as well as supporting local farmers and sustainable sourcing. Shop Elite Agro's tasty produce at farmbox.ae!

For more information, visit eliteagro.ae