Easy Green Juice Recipe for Beginners

You can consider green juice if you're having difficulties consuming enough veggies in your diet. Once you get beyond the greenness of the drink, you'll be surprised at how good juiced veggies can taste. Here's a simple recipe to get you started on this.


Kale leaves  – 5 or 6
Spinach leaves  – stemmed - a handful
Lemon – peeled - ½ 
Apple - 1
Cucumber – peeled – ½ 
Celery – Ribs – 2
Carrot – small – 1
Ginger – peeled – 1 inch


• In your juicer, pour and process all of the ingredients.
• Add some ice cubes, if you want to.
• Pour it in your favourite mason jar and drink on.

Calorie Intake: 36kcal

Here are some of the pros of juicing your veggies:

Juicing is easy and can be done with almost any vegetable or fruit; the recipe options are infinite and it's never boring for you. 

• Fresh juices are delicious and loaded with all the essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients which do not require salt or sugar since it is already loaded with pure vegetable essence.
• There are several health benefits too; such as cleansing of the skin, prolonged energy for the body and good digestive health.
• Drinking at least 16 ounces of green juice each day eliminates sugar cravings.
• If you don't get enough veggies in your diet, you can drink a whole bowl's worth of vegetable nutrients in one glass.
• It is easy to store overnight in a thermos. 
• Green juice, unlike smoothies, does not require re-blending — just a good shaking — making it portable.
• Some juicers can make nut milk, which is a great substitute for dairy and soy.