Dates Amazing Health Benefits

Dates were discovered thousands of years ago and were very popular for their healing power, and their delicious taste. Dates are quite a versatile fruit that comes in 3 forms; Dry, semi-dry, and fresh dates which all vary when it comes to sweetness and flavor.

Though, what they all have in common is their nutritious value, which is why for thousands of years dates have been primary fruits in the Middle East and North Africa.

Here are some extraordinary benefits you might want to know about dates:

  • They are a great source of energy due to containing carbohydrates and natural sugars like Glucose and Fructose. They can be an ideal snack to help you boost your energy before a workout.
  • They are considered to be high in Iron which means that they help greatly with Anemia caused by iron deficiency.
  • Dates are rich in Fibers that assist in having a healthy heart, as it helps your body get rid of the bad cholesterol. Fiber is also amazing for digestion!
  • Magnesium in dates works in preventing infection and diseases.
  • Given that it’s a natural sweetener, it is a lovely substitute for sugar in smoothies, bakes, and desserts.

Now considering all the benefits above, it's advised to start your day by eating 5 to 7 dates. Why?

Eating a fruit that is this nutritious means that you are providing your body with energy. It's recommended that you start your day with dates, as due to its natural sweetness it neutralizes blood sugar levels. You are also boosting your immunity, and feeling full for hours after, therefore preventing yourself from the occasional unnecessary snacking.

If you are on a diet and might think that dates are high in calories and could destroy your whole process, Think again!

The whole purpose of being on the diet is watching your calorie intake, right? Considering that dates are high in calories, many people decide to step away from them. But I will leave this here for you to try and see for yourself how dates work magic. Try eating 3 to 5 dates with yogurt; it doesn’t matter if it is the drinkable yogurt or the edible one. Firstly, yogurt helps break the sweetness of the dates, and is also a great source of probiotics! Secondly, the combination of dates and yogurt will leave you fulfilled for hours ahead, which means that you are eating less throughout the day, therefore fewer calories.

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