Save Food to Save the Planet

This year has been an eye-opener about environmental issues. As individuals and as a group we can help in reducing our negative impact on our natural surroundings. When we bring awareness to our friends and families about the importance of sustainable farming, we start to heal our planet. We can make smarter food choices when we shop, cook or go out to eat. farmbox takes the initiative in raising awareness on ecological farming and encouraging the community to take small actions now that could have a huge impact to end the broken food system once and for all.

As farmbox is a growing e-commerce company, the amount of food supply that we receive every day is increasing significantly. This means, as we grow the responsibility towards the fresh produce that arrives into our warehouse grows too. The general process is to define the quality of the fresh produce we receive and make sure it’s up to standard before it gets delivered to our customers. As discussed in our previous article “Say Yes to Imperfect Freshness”,  there is a lot of produce that gets rejected for simple reasons of not being “perfect”.

A small bruise, scratch, or irregularity of some fruits and vegetables will force the team to put them aside to the batch of produce that is not worthy of being delivered due to customer dissatisfaction. Sad to say, they end up as waste most of the time.

Now imagine how much waste big food corporations have on a daily basis. “An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year” according to a study done by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. That’s about one-third of the yearly produce around the world.

At farmbox, our mission is to eliminate all sorts of food waste and create a better food system for everyone. If imperfect fresh produce can be saved, we can save it together. We are inviting individuals and business owners to be part of our mission and encouraging them to get on board with us by taking part in saving the world from unnecessary food waste.

Get in touch to support our initiative of saving food and most importantly saving the planet. Take action today and let us do the greater good together.

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