Badia Farms: Farm of the Future, Today

In this fast-paced era, a lot of technological advancements have come to life to make life easier. Agricultural technology is widely spreading in the UAE given that it is essential to adapt to the desert climate. The focus is to build a self-sustaining city, for a brighter future for our generation and the ones to come. Named after the Arabic word for "Oasis", Badia Farms is bringing top quality greens to restaurants and your home from the center of an agriculturally challenged city.

Badia farms have launched their agricultural technology, driven by their mission to close the gap between the farm, and the chef's kitchen. They are inspired by the strong demand in leafy greens and providing fresh produce all year-round. As they put it in simple words, they have a multi-story greenhouse where fruits and vegetables are grown in stacked up towers. The more complex explanation would be that they use Hydroponic technology where they grow produce that requires no soil and is planted in a sterile environment, eliminating the need to use pesticides and herbicides. This technology uses recycled water; meaning, using 90% less water than traditional farming, that is rich in nutrients, and enough to make the produce tastier and flavorful.

They are focused on growing microgreens and baby leaf herbs that can only be identified as Gourmet, as their fine selection and unique mixes burst out with flavor, perfecting the taste of your meal, with minimal effort. Only in a perfect world did we imagine it would be possible to have miniature forms of our food. This is exactly what micro-greens are. They are bite-sized leaves, firm in texture. They come in a big range to keep you excited to try more. To mention a few of their products, they have Basil that comes in 4 flavors, kale and arugula the size of a pinky, and red cabbage in leaf form, and a lot more of where that came from. It is quite an unbeatable selection of greens that will have you running to your kitchen to get your daily dose of greens.

You can now shop Badia Farms microgreens and salads on farmbox! Order before 4pm and get them delivered free the nex day.