8 Ways to Use Up Onions

Onions have such a nuanced flavor that they can turn into downright fancy condiments with only a little time and a few other ingredients that can help make every meal memorable. We've rounded up a few recipes and tips that will direct you to spice up the plates on your table by making some of our favorite onion-centric odds and ends.

From soups to savory pies, several recipes call for an onion. Here's a guide for ways to get creative with onions.

Caramelized Onion Jam

You might be incredibly confused right now if you've never had onion jam. We'll admit, the words "onion" and "jam" don't seem to be as well balanced as the "onion gravy" you see next, for example. One taste, however, is bound to change your mind, and onion jam gives life to most meats and plays well with soft cheeses. Here's how to make the best Onion Jam!

Onion Gravy: Bonanza

When it comes to home cooking, the final touch that can make or break a dish is the gravy. To produce this onion gravy, succulent coils of onion meld silkily into a rich brown sauce, which makes an excellent addition to meats, potatoes, stroganoff, and the list goes on.

Onion Mayonnaise (AKA Roasted Onion Aioli)

With growing popularity, Aioli has had a big heyday, but many people do not know it's actually just a fancy way of saying flavored mayonnaise. Another thing a lot of individuals don't know? Just how easy it is to make your own. Here's a vegan recipe of Onion Mayonnaise you'll fall in love with!

Onion Salsa

When you have so many tomatoes on your side, salsa is a standby, but you may not have thought of it as a cure for putting extra onions to work. In a delicious way, this typical Peruvian salsa recipe brings onions front and center.

Pickled Onion Slaw

With this Pickled Onion Slaw recipe, retain the crispness of sliced fresh onion and add a little kick to dishes such as pulled pork sandwiches, fish tacos, salads, Buddha bowls, and more.

Herbed Onion Salad Dressing

If you make herbal onion salad dressing, you can eat onions in the salad and in the salad as part of the dressing. The best part is how easy the dressing comes together and how quickly it uses ingredients that you probably have prepared on hand.

Dehydrate Onions to Stock Your Spice Rack

To learn how to dehydrate onions into a seasoning that's just like the bottle of minced onions you'll find in the spice aisle at the grocery store, follow the directions we've linked here. When you're about to cook with them, you can use them as they are or rehydrate the onions.

Freeze Caramelized Onions to Use Whenever You Please

Caramelized onions make it better, and you're setting yourself up for potential culinary success when you put a batch in your freezer. Not to mention, by getting the onions on hand, you'll save a lot of time so that your food planning is already off and running. (We have come to terms with the fact that the time it takes to caramelize a pot of onions is fudged by most recipes. By getting ahead of the curve, it could also make the time difference a non-issue.) Make sure that the container where you store your onions is intended to be used in the freezer. For perfectly sized portions to cook with, you can freeze your silky, melty sauteed onions in an ice tray, then transfer the cubes into a freezer-safe jar, or you can follow the instructions here to freeze raw or easily blanched onions and worry later about cooking.

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