5 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

Living in a dynamic city where we are required to be on the go, causes us to eat on the move as well. It is becoming more challenging to maintain a healthy and balanced diet with the limited free time that we have during the week. Moreover, with constant distractions such as television, phones, and computers we shift our attention from the process of eating.

The new technique introduced to the world of Healthy Lifestyle is Mindful Eating. Based on a Buddhist concept, it is about using awareness to be fully attentive to the experiences and cravings while eating. It promotes weight loss, reduces unhealthy eating habits, and supports mental health.

By eating mindfully, you restore your attention and making eating an intentional act rather than an automated one. By taking your time and truly enjoying every moment, it becomes a positive and fulfilling experience. When you are not focused on the process, you tend to rush and end up overeating. With time, you will realize the triggers for cravings that may cause weight gain. By being aware of the triggers, you can give yourself time to understand what do you truly desire. Is it stress? Is it just boredom or true hunger?
Heavyweight loss programs are known to be unsustainable. Even with a successful loss, it is important to maintain it over long-term periods. One of the best ways to do so is to implement mindful eating, which will assist you in sustaining the ideal weight for years.

Mindful eating diets are very similar to the Mediterranean, it is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils. By truly paying attention to the ingredients that you choose as you buy, prepare, and consume them you will start to realize which ones are suitable for you the most.

Here are 5 mindful eating habits that yuo can apply to your diet:

Know your body’s personal hunger signals

We always listen to our minds first, but like many mindfulness activities, by tuning into our bodies first, we could discover more wisdom. We should listen to our bodies rather than just eat when we get emotional messages, which might be different for each of us, whether they are tension, depression, anger, isolation, or even just boredom. Your stomach is growling, your energy is poor, or are you feeling a little lightheaded? So often, we feed, rather than our bodies, when our mind tells us to eat. True mindful eating is listening deeply to the signals of hunger from our body. Ask yourself: What are the hunger signals from your body and what are the causes of your emotional hunger?

Let your body catch up to your brain

One of the best ways we can get our mind and body to express what we need for nutrition is to slow down. In reality, the body sends its signal of satiation about 20 minutes after the brain, which is why we always overeat unconsciously. If we slow down, however, you will give your body a chance to catch up with your brain and hear the right amount of signals to eat. Simple ways to slow down can just involve practicing many of the manners of your grandma, such as sitting down to eat, chewing each bite 25 times (or more), setting your fork between bites, and all those old manners that may not be as unnecessary as they appeared. What are several ways to slow down your eating and listen more closely to the messages from your body?

Cultivate a mindful kitchen

Another way we eat mindlessly, rather than only thinking proactively about our meals and snacks, is by walking around searching through cabinets, feeding at odd times and places. For one thing, this slows us down, but saves us from creating good environmental signals about when and how much to consume, and wires our brains for new, not always perfect food signals. (Do you really want to make a habit of eating once you get in the car, or in some other situation?) Yeah, from time to time, we all snack, but it will improve the wellbeing of both your mind and body, not to mention significantly helping your mood and sleep schedule to eat at regular times and locations.

Understand your motivations

This is another tricky balance, and we will hopefully find healthy foods that are satisfying and soothing as well. Think back to the first thoughtful raisin, however. Until you tried it, did that sound appealing? There are many reasons why eating raisins is such a powerful workout, but one is that we always enjoy them more than the story we tell ourselves about healthy foods when we slow down and eat healthy foods such as raisins. We are less likely to gorge on our favorite foods as we practice eating better and a larger selection of foods, and more inclined to enjoy nutritious foods, eventually finding many mentally and physically fulfilling foods as compared to only a few.

Connect more deeply with your food

Unless you are a hunter-gatherer or subsistence farmer, in recent years, we have all become increasingly separated from our food. Many of us do not even know where a meal comes from outside the wrapping of the supermarket. This is a loss because eating provides an amazing chance to bind us to the natural world, the elements, and each other more profoundly. You should focus on the cultural customs that brought this food to you the recipes generously shared by relatives, or brought to be passed down in the family from a distant place and time.

It is easy to feel and express gratitude to all the people who gave their time and effort, the elements of the universe who contributed their share, our friends or ancestors who exchanged recipes and even the beings who might have given their lives to a portion of making this meal, when you consider all that went into the meal.

We hope you find the time to eat mindfully and enjoy every second of it. Remember it is always more fun to partner up on such journeys with your friends and loved ones.

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