5 Sandwiches You'd Love to Eat for Lunch

Upgrade lunch with lunch meat, fresh produce and tasty spreads with these simple sandwiches.

Everyone waits long enough every day for lunch time, so isn't food supposed to be good? (Yes, it should.) Here's a solution: Try to make some of these ultimate sandwiches instead of bringing the regular sandwich or packing your child the same old PB&J.

Coronation Chicken Sandwich

Sarnie, a classic coronation, took up a notch. Spices, garlic and ginger, along with tangy pickled onions and crunchy poppadoms, bump up the taste.

Egg Mayo Sandwich

Check out this amazing Mayo Sarnie supercharged egg. Egg sandwiches can be a little one-dimensional, but with picky, salty, crunchy hits with each slice, this turns up the volume in every way.

Steak and Buttered Onion Sandwich

It's very quick to prepare this classic steak sandwich, dressed with fresh rocket leaves, buttery onions and a strong splash of Worcestershire sauce for extra flavor. Serve and tuck in with some chips!

Ultimate Deli Sandwich

Try out all the nice things stuffed between springy focaccia slices in the deli section.

The Ultimate BLAT Sandwich

Upgrade your BLT classic to our ultimate avocado bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. For a fast midweek lunch, make this simple sandwich recipe for two.