22 New Years Resolutions You Won't Fail To Keep in 2022

Watching New Year's movies or playing a New Year's game. Perhaps you're attending a party or going out for a flashy night on the town. In either case, you're counting down the days until the ball drops to formally end 2021 and bring in a brand-new 2022!

Despite the fact that the last few years have been unusual to say the least, it's likely you've already considered your New Year's resolutions for 2022. Is it a straightforward list of New Year's resolutions for the future year (don't hit the snooze button in 2022!)? Or are you looking for a more ambitious, one-of-a-kind New Year's resolve (finally getting in shape for that marathon)? One simple method to get started is to write down a few new goals for 2022 and determine what is realistic for you to achieve. We've all seen the popular New Year's resolution lists with the intricate cleanses, tough fitness routines, and honest promises to form new healthy habits. Most people have already reverted to their previous habits by January 20th, which prompts the question, "Are New Year's resolutions successful at all?"
We believe they are! Pursue some important goals in little increments this year. After all, change does not have to occur in a linear fashion. We've put together a list of top New Year's resolutions to help you celebrate what's ahead in 2022.

1. Go outside

Even if you're not an outdoorsy person, it's an established truth that spending time in nature relieves stress. So go for a hike (or even a stroll), watch the sunrise or sunset with someone you care about, or walk your dog an extra lap around the park. It'll be wonderful for you to get some fresh air!

2. Give someone a compliment & mean it

Go the additional mile and pay someone a praise, whether it's a coworker who just nailed her quarterly report presentation or the person in front of you in the coffee line whose jacket you adore. A simple statement can go a long way toward improving the recipient's and your own moods. Also, share the love with people who are closest to you. It's possible that you haven't told your significant other how beautiful their eyes are, or that you've spotted your child using exemplary manners in a long time.

3. Keep your car clean

Cleaning up the house is a good objective, but when it comes to other areas where your family spends the most time, the automobile is almost certainly at the top of the list. Early in the year, give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and then maintain it with the help of your staff. Remind your children to throw away snack wrappers and other waste. Keep car cleaning wipes in the console—a quick wipe-down while waiting in the carpool line is a terrific idea!

4. Make your bed

You've probably heard it a million times, but make your bed every day. It only takes a few minutes (if even that!). It also makes your entire bedroom feel cleaner and neater. And if you don't fix it first thing in the morning, you'll probably wind up straightening it up late at night when all you want to do is sleep!

5. Skip hitting snooze

Why does it seem like the alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier every day? You aren't the only one who thinks like this! But think carefully about pushing the snooze button. You're the one who set the alarm, so get up when it goes off. Consider what an extra 8 minutes in the shower would do for your morning routine—or just linger in the shower for another 8 minutes!

6. Paint your living room

A fresh coat of paint on your walls is like a blank canvas for your decor. Once you've decided on a color, prepare for success by learning how to paint a wall and gathering the tools you'll need. Check out top bedroom paint colors, kitchen paint color ideas, and best paint colors for tiny spaces for paint palette inspiration. Consider painting your front door a lovely color or replacing your kitchen cabinets if you're not ready to tackle a full room.

7. Write someone a letter and mail it

The last several years have taught us all the importance of remaining in touch with loved ones. Sure, you can send a text or an email, but we recommend taking it a step further and sending real mail! Begin by mailing a few letters or cards over the course of a few months. Consider sending a "just because" note instead of a Christmas card.

8. Journal a daily gratitude list

Why not make 2018 the year you finally do it if you've always wanted to keep a constant notebook, whether it's about your day or to record your daily gratitude? A five-year version, such as this One Line a Day diary, helps you to get into the habit of writing by jotting down a few thoughts throughout the day in short bursts. You might be amazed at how useful this simple habit is for capturing memories, expressing feelings, and finding happiness.

9. Read one book, or more

If you enjoy reading, set a goal to read one new book (or more) per month. Joining or starting a book club is a great method to hold yourself accountable. It's a fantastic way to find new books and reconnect with old and new friends. Bonus: We're willing to wager that your average screen time will decrease!

10. Learn a new thing every month

Who says you have to keep your resolution to just one thing? Set a goal to try something new and different every month to mix things up. Consider trying a new restaurant, recipe, or ingredient if you're a foodie. Start small and work your way up to signing up for that pottery or Barre class, whatever your objective is. Get imaginative, and don't forget to involve your friends and family—they might be able to help you stay on track!

11. Support local restaurants and food businesses

You know that spot on your way to the salon where you always wonder what all the commotion is about? Now is the time to give it a shot! Make it a point to visit a new location every week and to donate to the local haunts that most need it. This is a simple resolution to support!

Like Farmbox, there are other local and online grocery stores you might want to consider shopping from to support local farmers and UAE's food security too.

12. Hydrate like a fish

We've reached the end of another year of wishing to drink more water. Begin by substituting water for 1-2 drinks per day. Perhaps a glass or two of water will suffice in place of the second cup of coffee. Try some nutritious add-ins like fresh lemon or lime, berries, or cucumber to boost your resolution.

13. Show off your playlists

Do you want your year to have a soundtrack? Save your favorite songs to a monthly Spotify or Deezer playlist to keep track of them. Add songs to the playlist as you hear them and find yourself listening to them over and over. You'll have an incredible collection of music (and perhaps some new artists) to look back on in the following years by the conclusion of the year. Here's one of our favorite playlists that might inspire you to make more.

14. Walk one mile a day

You might already be walking (or sprinting) a mile every day. Set a goal to be more active in general in that situation. To acquire additional steps, park at the back of the grocery store parking lot, or take the stairs instead of the elevator when it makes sense. Set a step or distance goal and come up with inventive ways to meet it. We're willing to wager that driving the extra mile to the park will make you (and your dog) happy!

15. Declutter that weight off

The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to get organized! Spend some time sorting through all of your recent possessions, one room and closet at a time. Donate your gently used items to a local Goodwill, thrift store, or non-profit that is actively accepting donations. The sense of liberation you'll get from a decluttered home will be well worth the work. Take it a step further by pledging to keep your drawers, shelves, and closets organized throughout the year.

16. Prep one meal

It's true: getting the hang of meal planning and finding the ideal rhythm for you and your lifestyle takes some time. Instead of trying to remodel every meal every day this year, try meal-planning just one meal. Plan a couple of take-to-work meals each week if you choose lunch. Do you have trouble eating breakfast? Meal preparing a few grab-and-go choices, such as hard-boiled eggs, frozen waffles, egg bits, and packed avocado for avocado toast, could be your goal. Your diet (as well as your bank account) will thank you!

17. Send Actual Birthday cards

Sure, like everyone else, you could write a Facebook message for your friends and family, but this year go above and beyond and send actual birthday cards. Keep an eye out for entertaining cards on sale at various shops or paper stores, and build a collection to use throughout the year. Make your own cards by purchasing plain blank cards and decorating them with your own artwork and personal birthday message.

18. Hang pictures on your wall

You don't have to finish your dream gallery wall this year, but you can take a step closer by printing a few favorite images. Begin with a little number. When it comes to sorting through your phone's photo library, look to your social media accounts for inspiration. Which of your images did you upload the most this year? Choose your best 10 or 20 images and print them in different sizes for framing and hanging. Create a photo book for yourself or to share with others if you want to boost your resolution game.

19. Plan more road trips

You know all those destinations on your bucket list that you've always wanted to visit? Make 2022 the year you cross something off your bucket list! Sure, you can fly almost anywhere, but hitting the open road allows you to see landscapes, cuisines, people, and sites that you would miss if you were 32,000 feet above them.

20. Stay in touch with your loved ones

If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that there's no excuse for not keeping in touch with those we care about. There are limitless ways to stay in touch from afar, with so many opportunities to connect—from messages and phone conversations to email and virtual celebrations. Every week or so, try to connect with a few folks who aren't on your favorites list. When it's convenient, schedule a face-to-face meeting.

21. Switch off from work

Reclaim control of your work habits by setting explicit boundaries for how many hours you will work each day is one method to do this. This can assist you in accepting that there comes a time when you've completed enough work for the day. If you have difficulties "switching off," try stopping work two or three hours before bedtime. Getting involved in fun non-work activities like seeing friends, watching a movie, reading a book, or learning a new skill can also help you psychologically separate from work.

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